Rotation Per Minute (RPM)

Before starting processing, it is important to pay attention to details that can make a difference in the result.


It is with great enthusiasm that we present to you the series “HiTech Academy“, a fascinating journey through the textile processing of jeans. George Vogel, commercial technician at HiTech, will be your guide on this educational exploration.

In this first episode we will talk about the importance of correctly adjusting the RPM (Revolution Per Minute) of washing machines in the successful processing of parts.

It is agreed that the ideal rotation for an industrial washing machine is 28 revolutions per minute. This rotation, in the opinion of most laundry professionals around the world, is the one that will best balance aging, discoloration, equalization in dyeing processes, in everything that is done in terms of made pieces.

For this, it is ideal that we distribute within one minute 4 cycles of 15 seconds, where in these 15 second cycles the washer does 7 complete laps. Over the course of a minute we will have 4 cycles of 15 seconds, 60 seconds, 4 cycles of 7 laps, 28 laps. Therefore, we obtain the 28 revolutions per minute.

And to find out how many turns your basket is making, it is important to do a marking on the washer pulley and observe how many complete turns the pulley will make over the time the basket rotates. If we observe that the basket has rotated approximately 15 seconds one way, 15 seconds the other and throughout these 15 seconds we observe that the pulley gives 7 complete laps, we will have a perfect configuration of the washer

If this exact configuration is not possible, it is recommended that it be set to a rotation time and the number of revolutions the as close as possible.

By taking this precaution, we avoid a series of problems and unwanted situations that could be reflected in the processed pieces, such as poor dye equalization, creases, breaks and the crow's foot effect.

We hope this is a start for you to become interested and delve deeper with us on this journey of knowledge. In the next videos, we will delve even deeper into this and other important points for a good processing process and show how HiTech can help laundries around the world to have better quality, more productivity and make increasingly beautiful pieces.

  • Pay attention to maximum load of the washer.
  • Respect the ideal time of each process.
  • RPM is the Rotation per minute.
  • Be faithful to break time.


Optimal RPM 28
Optimal turning time 4 minutes
Maximum spin time 4 minutes

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