Laser Effects

There are 256 shades of gray and a variety of wear scales for you to personalize your piece and create unique collections. Our software also has an exclusive library of drawings, textures, vectors and images to compose your design.

About Laser Processes

Smart Plus and HTS, machines with HiTech + Macsa id technology, have 256 shades of gray, as well as a variety of designs, textures, vectors and threads to compose your design, personalize your pieces and create unique collections! 

The limitless creativity of laser processes allows us to develop pieces for the most diverse segments and styles.
Imagine and make it happen on a large scale, with quality and efficiency. That simple. 😉✨

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  • High productivity .
  • Low operational cost.
  • Infinite creative possibilities.
  • Highly process sustainable

Application suggestions

On different fabric bases, colors and previously applied laundry processes Innovative and creative effects

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